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Have you got a happy place? One place in the world where you can block out all your cares, good or bad, and lose yourself in something special. One place that for a couple of hours you can be truly happy?



Well anyway, my point is that I have. It’s the cinema. Call me what you will; Loser, film geek, cinema junkie. I love it. Any genre of film, any certificate, any language. I will honestly watch ANYTHING (price of ticket depending). 

So I invite you on this journey with me, a journey into the unknown, where I hope to find one day, the most amazing film that could ever be made. Flawless, beautiful, and perfect. There have been a few to have come close to this, but none (in my opinion- which is right FYI) have really met these criteria.

There will be tears and laughter, nightmares and romance (yes, sorry, I do love a rom com), action and adventure. Bring your own snacks (we all know cinema food is WAY overpriced). We are boldly going to go where pretty much every reviewer has gone before- the cinema!

Ps- I am not a journalist. My reviews will be short and sweet. Who wants to read an overlong opinion? You could be missing vital viewing time! I will also include new release dvds, and visit various themes.

Thank you for reading. x

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