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Please read on for reviews of current cinema releases...

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Black Widow

UK Release Date: 08.07.2021

Yeah, not bad. To me Black Widow has been one of the deadest characters in the MCU (not as bad as Hawkeye obvs), but this, I didn't mind. The main let down was the stereotypical Russian characters (where they make them either a baddie or the comedy dummy), but this was met by at least having a decent adversary to fight. 

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In The Heights

UK Release Date: 18.06.2021

Hmm not as amazing as people are saying, but there are certainly some lively songs and there's some fun to be had. It's a long movie but at least an hour of it was enjoyable. 

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UK Release Date: 09.06.2021

What a surprise. Loads of fun, would recommend for sure. 

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A Quiet Place 2

UK Release Date: 28.05.2021

The first movie is genius and this one is pretty damn close. What a great follow up.  

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Monster Hunter

UK Release Date: 18.06.2021

WTF just happened?! It's obvs ridiculous but also unstoppable. Quite enjoyed it really. 

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UK Release Date: 29.01.2021

Two fit paramedics encounter some bad shit going down with a drug that hits the streets called Synchronic. Convenient scenes happen and elements of time travel ensues. It's pretty decent.  

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Saint Maud

UK Release Date: 16.10.2020


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UK Release Date: 26.08.2020


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UK Release Date: 14.08.2020

I'm in two minds. It's brilliant, but I didn't enjoy it and won't watch it again. Now, is this because the movie is very unsettling to watch in places or did I just get a little bored of it's sometimes imposing nature? Regardless, worth a watch for sure.

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