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UK Release Date: 07.02.2020

Unexpected and wonderful. 

weathering with you.jpg
Weathering With You

UK Release Date: 17.01.2020


The Lighthouse

UK Release Date: 31.01.2020

I'm in two minds. It's brilliant, but I didn't enjoy it and won't watch it again. Now, is this because the movie is very unsettling to watch in places or did I just get a little bored of it's sometimes imposing nature? Regardless, worth a watch for sure.

The Personal History Of David Copperfield

UK Release Date: 24.01.2020

I was dreading this one a little. The trailers make it seem more than annoying and a little twee. However, I am pleased to report that it's a wonderful movie, full of stress, cuteness, joy and a fabulous  multicultural cast. 


UK Release Date: 17.01.2020

Kelvin Harrison Jr gives one hell of a performance; gut-wrenching and heartbreaking, a real stand out. The first half of this movie is just incredible. Second half is not bad at all. Trey Edward Shults knows how to set a tone.


UK Release Date: 24.01.2020

Some amazing performances and a highly engaging movie. Last 20 minutes were a bit of an anti-climax, but over all enjoyable. 


UK Release Date: 10.01.2020

A cinematic masterclass in direction, cinematography, set design and much more..... not editing though. Where did that award come from?! 

JoJo Rabbit

UK Release Date: 03.01.2020

I didn't think that this would be my cup of tea at all, but I absolutely loved it. So funny, yet so heartbreaking. I'm not a ScarJo fan, but she was brilliant as JoJo's mum, and the kid was something else! 

The Gentlemen

UK Release Date: 01.01.2020

Highly watchable but not great. Some weird old school 'jokes', an odd scene where Guy Ritchie writes about what might be classed as racist, and of course a complete lack of female characters. Hugh Grant is fun though. 

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UK Release Date: 26.12.2019

Wowzer. Creepy AF. I was in shock for the first few songs. Cats of a weird size, with human faces and hands, singing and dancing, some wearing trainers whilst they were popping and locking. You had the extremes of Rebel Wilson and James Cordon who were terrible and not trying at all, to Jennifer Hudson and Ian McKellen, who were trying a little too hard. Surprisingly Jason Derulo and Taylor Swift got it. The CGI looked ridiculous, they would have been better off getting their mummy to sew them a costume. Admittedly I did end up with Stockholm Syndrome in the last half hour. It was still terrible though.