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A run down of the latest new releases

You Were Never Really Here

Stylised, purposeful, violent and tense. Joaquin Phoenix seems to be staring in his own Avengers movie. Thumbs up.


Justice League


Talk about 5 superheroes forward and 1940s back. Wonder woman only gets 2 scenes before her whole existence is about harping on about Chris Pine, again. Then, if that wasnt bad enough, for the rest of the movie she is like a stand in mummy/agony aunt to all the other characters. Come on DC! Aquaman obvs hasn't heard the news about throwing bottles into the ocean being bad for the environment. Batman sucks. Superman is alive (not a spoiler) but his CGI'd upper lip is most certainly dead. The whole movie feels and looks like a movie that was made about 10 years ago. DC certainly aren't in the race with Marvel. Which is ironic considering they have The Flash on their team. Speaking of The Flash, him and Cyborg have a few funny interactions. That is all. 


Daddy's Home 2


It's a bit shit BUT John Lithgow and Will Farrell are super funny.

Bad Moms Christmas


As Mila Kunis herself says throughout the movie 'what the fuck?!' They took the very minimum parts of what was actually funny in the first film and then repeated them but totally screwed it. Kathryn Hahn saved the last movie but even here she struggles, apart from a few scenes with 'This Is Us'. The main takeaway is that Susan Sarandon is fit as fuck.

Thor Ragnarok


For the first 10 minutes it felt odd. Not because of the movie itself but because of its viewer, me. I LOVE Taika Waititi's work, but as it wasn't what I was expecting from a usual Marvel movie I had to just ease back into his world. Once I was settled I had a blast. More of a comedy than a Marvel action movie but works so well. Looking forward to seeing it again.

Murder On The Orient Express


To start with, the set is sick, and the use of tracking shots fantastic. Branagh nails his character of Poirot and gives the best performance in the film. The tone is a little tongue in cheek, which works but can't be kept up throughout unfortunately. Incredibly camp and theatrical which I loved, but hard to make the most out of the star ensemble cast as there really isn't enough for everyone to do. Keira Knightly must be gutted that Daisy Ridley is on the scene. 


Happy Death Day

 If you can just watch this for the fun teen comedy/horror that it is you won't go wrong. 

The Snowman

Not as awful as people are saying, but I haven't read the book to compare it to. However, when actual snowmen appear they are hysterical and not eerie or scary in the slightest. Also you know who the killer is from the second said killer steps on screen. WAY to obvs. Not Fassbenders finest work to date but it's certainly watchable.

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